Profitable loyalty program from IQ PIZZA


The IQ PIZZA discount pizza chain invites new suppliers of raw materials, packaging, marketing and promotional services to mutually beneficial cooperation.




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Partnership commission

Make and withdraw your profit in any way convenient for you



Easy start
In order to participate in our partner program, you must register and start attracting new investors.
How to attract a client?

Your website: Just place our advertising banner on your website or write a recommendation with your partner link.

Direct email: Send messages to your friends, acquaintances and clients.

Social networks and thematic forums: Tell people about us on your personal pages in social networks and place your partner link. If you visit thematic forums, share your partner link with other visitors.

How do I know that I have brought in a client?
In the partner control panel you can track attracted orders and their status. You will see if a client made and paid an order and if there are any commissions available for payment under this order.
How are partner commissions paid?
Your commissions are charged after first payment made by a client attracted by you. The funds will be transferred to your partner account in 37 days after opening an investment object.
How to receive a commission payment?
The payments are made on your request. You can request payment in any way convenient for you: to your credit card or basic account in balance of payments. A withdrawal of funds is made by the manager in a manual mode and can take up to 72 hours.
Duration of the partner program
If a partner brings in no clients for a three-year period, the partner program will be closed for this partner and the balance will be set to zero.



You may not use your partner referral link or a partner link of the related persons (family members) if you independently conclude an investment contract.

Advertising in search engines

You may not place contextual or media advertising about the IQ PIZZA company in any search engines

Violation of the rules of behaviour on a network

It is prohibited to create, place, send promotional information on the IQ PIZZA chain with a violation of the law

It is prohibited to create, place, send promotional information on the IQ PIZZA chain with a violation of the law

You may not place information on the IQ PIZZA company on websites that violate the current legislation

Coercion of clients

It is prohibited to forcibly forward clients to the Hostpro resource by using a referral link or an advertising banner

Violation of the above mentioned rules

Any violations of all the above mentioned rules are monitored and if a violation is confirmed, this partner will be excluded from the partner program.


The Chief Development Officer of the IQ PIZZA chain will answer and consult on all questions

Dmytro Luzakov

Director of –≤evelopment